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Yandex let us ride in its autonomous Prius

Dmitry Polischuk had an almost unnerving nonchalance about him as our sleek ride — a Toyota Prius V — bobbed in and out of traffic on its own. The steering wheel, as if guided by unseen forces, navigated the hatchback smoothly around the perimeter of the Hard Rock Casino in […]

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How old is your car? DC ranks high for keeping cars 15 years or more

WASHINGTON — Nationwide, the average length of vehicle ownership is at nearly seven years and rising, but in the D.C region, many drivers are keeping cars even longer. New and used vehicle marketplace and automotive research firm iSeeCars ranks Washington No. 9 among cities for long-term vehicle ownership. It says 11.4 percent of original owners have […]

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Caught On Camera: Car Door Ripped Off During Dangerous, Wild Road Rage Incident

SILVER LAKE (CBSLA)  —  A dangerous episode of road rage was caught on cellphone video. The video has gone viral and no surprise there. Two vehicles on a Silver Lake road would appear more at home at a roller derby event. The incident happened at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Silver Lake on Thursday […]

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