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#ProtectMueller protests demand justice, “Trump is not above the law.” (Video, Photos)

Take it to the streets, America. The investigation into Trump’s corruption and likely criminality must not be stopped. Thousands of Americans from Florida to California gathered to defend Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the system of justice he represents. Below, photos and video from the events, shared live. The #ProtectMueller crowd keeps growing! pic.twitter.com/7KvYY0fL5t — […]

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Fox News host (yes, really) delivers two-minute takedown of Trump’s ‘Spygate’ claims

President Trump is accusing the Special Counsel and its team of a new set of conspiracy theories. Unfounded, ot based in fact or reason, with no evidence to support them. The president says that Robert Mueller and his team are meddling in the mid-terms. There’s nothing to support that claim and neither the President nor the […]

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