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Qualcomm may release multiple ‘Lite’ versions of the Snapdragon 875

8 hours ago Leaker Digital Chat Station says Oppo executives talked about ‘Lite’ versions of the upcoming Snapdragon 875. Another unannounced chip, the Snapdragon 860, was also mentioned at the meeting. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was there as well. Qualcomm may announce multiple variants of its next flagship chipset, according to Digital Chat Station. The […]

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Xiaomi, Qualcomm could be bringing PC-like game settings to a future phone

Xiaomi and Qualcomm are reportedly working on a GPU Turbo suite of features. This would allow you to choose various performance profiles for the GPU. It could also allow users to tweak settings like anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. Many smartphones today have features to improve gaming performance, such as Huawei’s GPU Turbo and Oppo’s Hyper […]

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Qualcomm’s new wearable chipsets promise performance, battery improvements

You may not have noticed, but smartwatches are finally becoming commonplace. The question being asked has shifted from “Should I get a smartwatch?” to “Which smartwatch should I get?”. Devices like the Apple Watch have made a wearable computer a luxury item and luxury watch companies are now making wearable computers. In fact, it’s become […]

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