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Pixel 3, OnePlus 6T, and more – Every phone launching in October 2018

WinFuture New phones get launched every month of the year, but it looks like the October 2018 smartphones are going to be something else. Not only are we seeing six major launches in the span of only a few weeks, but some of those devices are the most highly anticipated releases of the entire year. […]

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Razer Phone 2 gets ready to make an October 10 debut

Razer making a smartphone? A few years back the idea would have sounded positively nutty, but last year brought us the surprising debut of the first-gen Razer Phone, a solidly equipped Android gaming handset with an extra-high-refresh-rate display. A follow-up device sure seems like sensible enough idea, and earlier this month we received confirmation that […]

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Leaked Razer Phone 2 benchmarks suggest it might beat the Galaxy Note 9

Late last year, Razer released its first smartphone, the creatively-named Razer Phone. Everyone was a little skeptical that a company best known for making headsets and keyboards could take on Samsung, but as it turned out, the gaming-focused Razer Phone is exactly what the new generation of Fortnite addicts needed. The phone was a hit, and just […]

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