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Hennessey Remembers Venom GT High-Speed Run, Hints At A Venom F5 Speed Record Attempt

The war for the fastest production vehicle is still going strong and one of the contestants, Hennessey Performance, teased an upcoming record run with the Venom F5. With its posts on Facebook and Instagram, Hennessey Performance remembered the Venom GT which exactly eight years ago achieved a one-way speed of 270.4 mph (435 km/h) at the […]

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Outgoing Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Sets FWD Lap Record At The Bend

While we are inching closer to the debut of the all-new Honda Civic Type R, the outgoing generation has proven its capabilities once more by setting a lap record for a front-wheel drive production car at The Bend Motorsport Park in Australia. A Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition with TCR driver Tony D’Alberto behind […]

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Porsche Taycan Spends Under 2.5 Hours Charging On Cross Country Drive, Smashing World Record

The Porsche Taycan has earned itself a Guinness World Record for the shortest time spent charging on a cross-country trip. It recently drove from Los Angeles, California to New York, New York while charging for just 2 hours, 26 minutes, and 48 seconds. The 2,834.5-mile (4,561.6 km) trip was completed by Wayne Gerdes in a […]

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