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Google shortens ‘Android Messages’ to just ‘Messages’ on its Play Store listing

Google really, really likes changing its SMS app’s name. First named ‘Messenger,’ it was renamed to ‘Android Messages’ in early 2017, likely to avoid confusion with Facebook’s extremely popular Messenger. Now the name’s been shortened to just ‘Messages’ on the Play Store listing. What a world we live in. How it looked before today. To […]

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Chrome Duplex being renamed ‘Duet’ to avoid confusion with Google Duplex phone-call AI

Back in May, Google announced something called ‘Google Duplex’ at I/O. The feature would be able to call businesses using humanlike speech patterns to set up appointments or make reservations. But months before that, the Chrome team had already renamed its experimental ‘Chrome Home’ interface to ‘Chrome Duplex.’ Chrome Duplex is now being renamed again […]

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