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Renault Updates 2022 Arkana Range While Clio And Captur Get E-Tech Variants

Renault has introduced a number of updates for the 2022 model year Arkana, and also added a new E-Tech engineered trim level to the Clio and Captur hybrid models. Starting with the updated 2022 Arkana, it is now available in Evolution, Tecno, R.S. Line, and E-Tech engineered versions. The Evolution sits at the base of […]

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The Renault Arkana Is Getting A Facelift Now That Everyone Has Jumped On The Coupe-Crossover Bandwagon

It seems like we might have been getting ahead of ourselves. We’ve been waiting for more info about a second generation 2024 Arkana coupe-crossover after our spy photographers snapped a prototype during winter testing a few months back. But it looks like the current car is also in line for a facelift. That makes sense […]

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Renault’s Hybrid Models Gain E-Tech Engineered Special Edition Inspired By The New Megane

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