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Here’s Another Stab At What A C8 Corvette Could Look Like As An SUV

With all the recent talk about the Corvette potentially being spun-off into its own brand, designer TheSketchMonkey has decided to imagine how a C8-based Corvette SUV could look. This isn’t a blank paper effort, mind you, but a quick digital conversion of the coupe into a five-door crossover. It wasn’t long after the new Corvette […]

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This Wild Koenigsegg Ghost Hypercar Concept Was Penned By India’s TATA Motors Lead Designer

<!––> <!––> The Koenigsegg Jesko and Regera are the two hypercars currently making up the Swedish automaker’s family of models. According to company founder Christian von Koenigsegg, a more affordable hybrid supercar is also being developed. While the Swedish brand’s range is expected to stop there, designer Riccardo Angelini has imagined what the next hypercar […]

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