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Meghan McCain: I Hate America Without My Father’s Leadership

VAN JONES: What have you learned about grieving, and what have you learned since your father passed that you wish more Americans who, all of us faces at some point, knew? MEGHAN MCCAIN: The first thing I have to say is that I’m surrounded with support. Everywhere I go, somebody has an antidote they want to tell me […]

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CNN on Kanye West: Trump Exploited ‘a Man Who’s Clearly Not Okay’

CNN political commentator S.E Cupp criticized President Donald Trump’s Oval Office meeting with hip-hop star Kanye West Thursday, accusing him of exploiting “a man who’s clearly not okay.” That sentiment was echoed by CNN’s chief media critic Brian Stelter, who repeated her descriptor of the meeting: “sad.” Sad. @SECupp said it best about the Kanye-Trump […]

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