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Samsung’s new SmartThings Station is a hub, smart button, and wireless charger

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority TL;DR Samsung’s SmartThings Station is a smart home hub, smart button, and wireless charger all in one. The product will support Matter accessories out of the box. It’s shipping to the US in early February 2023. Samsung is taking the wraps off the SmartThings Station, an unusual Matter-capable hub […]

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Samsung and Google using Matter to simplify syncing SmartThings and Google Home

Robert Triggs / Android Authority TL;DR Samsung devices will soon be able to automatically sync Matter-ready smart home accessories in SmartThings with the Google Home app, and vice versa. The tech builds on the Matter protocol’s universal platform features. Samsung and Google are promising to roll out Matter-based sync “in the coming weeks.” Thanks to […]

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