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Scooter company Bird doesn’t like DC’s new proposed rules

WASHINGTON — The District Department of Transportation’s new rules for dockless bikes and scooters starting in 2019 have ruffled Bird’s features. The electric-scooter operator is specifically concerned that limiting the number of scooters in any company’s fleet will make it unprofitable, and capping speeds of scooters would actually increase risks. In a letter to Mayor […]

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DC Dockless scooters and bikes will have to cap speeds, offer payment options

WASHINGTON — The District’s yearlong pilot program with dockless bike and scooter companies will become a permanent option for D.C. commuters in 2019, with new rules now set in stone for the companies that want to provide their vehicles in the District. Among new requirements, scooters and motorized bicycles will have to be equipped with […]

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With new tech coming online, cities need a department of urban testing

Shaun Abrahamson Contributor More posts by this contributor How should startups work with city governments? The design and operation of cities is the province of urban planning. But an explosion of startups in cities means a lot of new products and services for urban areas. The problem is, we don’t really know how people are […]

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