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Skoda Enyaq iV Has Battery Optimized And Faster Charging Through Software Update

Skoda has just rolled out its new ME3 software update for Enyaq iV models already in the hands of customers. The software update is available free of charge, although it can not be installed over-the-air and from the comfort of an owner’s home. Instead, local Skoda retailers will contact Enyaq iV owners and ask them […]

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Cold Weather Cuts Porsche Taycan And Mustang Mach-E Range By Over 50 Miles, Test Proves

Electric cars don’t like cold weather. The optimum operating temperature for EVs is around 71 degrees Fahrenheit (21.5 deg C), and most of us know that you’ll go further on a full charge in summer than you will in winter. But many potential EV buyers would be shocked to learn that a car’s range could […]

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New Enyaq Coupe iV vRS Is The Most Expensive Skoda Ever Starting At £51,885

Just a few days after the debut of the Enyaq Coupe iV, Skoda announced UK pricing for the new flagship vRS version. Starting at £51,885 ($70,381), the fully electric coupe SUV is the most expensive new Skoda ever, surpassing the regular Enyaq iV and all ICE-powered models including the Superb sedan. Notably, this is also Skoda’s […]

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