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Skoda Enyaq iV Has Battery Optimized And Faster Charging Through Software Update

Skoda has just rolled out its new ME3 software update for Enyaq iV models already in the hands of customers. The software update is available free of charge, although it can not be installed over-the-air and from the comfort of an owner’s home. Instead, local Skoda retailers will contact Enyaq iV owners and ask them […]

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New Skoda Fabia Rally2 Makes Us Wish For A Homologation Special That Won’t Happen

Skoda has fully unveiled the new generation of the Fabia Rally2 following an extensive period of development. The rally car, based on the fourth generation of the supermini that debuted last year, comes with a beefy aero package, handling and safety improvements, plus a newly developed engine. Unfortunately, a homologation special is out of the […]

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Skoda Afriq Is A Two-Door Kamiq Rallycar With An Octavia AWD Powertrain

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