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The best Google Home accessories: Smart plugs, door locks, and more

Lily Katz / Android Authority While Google Home and Google Assistant are closely intertwined, let’s be clear: Home is now Google’s smart home app/platform rather than just a speaker, and arguably, where Assistant often shines best. We’ve rounded up some of the best Google Home accessories you can get to automate daily life. The best […]

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Nanoleaf’s new Essentials lights are great, but reveal Matter’s shortcomings

Roger Fingas / Android Authority Nanoleaf is probably best known for its light panels, but it also sells something called the Essentials line, consisting of more conventional smart bulbs and lightstrips. Until recently their problem was that while they supported Thread, the only way you could take advantage of that was usually Apple HomeKit or […]

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What’s the best smart speaker you can buy?

Adam Molina / Android Authority Amazon kicked off the smart speaker race with the first Echo in 2014, initially launching it as an invitation-only product. Since then the industry has exploded, joined not just by Apple and Google but a range of competing companies. And no wonder — done correctly, a smart speaker setup is […]

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