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A Turbo Would Add Torque, But Not Necessarily Performance, To The Subaru BRZ

Despite customers and petrolheads alike calling for the addition of a turbocharger to the BRZ’s engine since the first generation, Subaru has refrained from using forced induction. The Japanese automaker recently unveiled a new generation of the little sports car – and a turbo is still nowhere in sight. Subaru has already given its reasons […]

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Subaru Ascent Smashes Into Toyota Tacoma During Rainy Traffic Jam

When driving in wet conditions, it’s important to always pay extra attention as unexpected things happen all too frequently. The driver of the Subaru Ascent in this video clearly missed this memo. This clip appears to have been filmed by one of the rear-facing cameras of a Tesla Model 3 and captured the moment a […]

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Alleged Subaru Roadmap Shows Next BRZ Going Into Production In 2021

A few months ago, a slide purportedly revealed Toyota’s future product roadmap. Fast forward to today, and another slide has apparently outed Subaru’s plans. While it should be taken with a grain of salt, the slide was noticed by the GR86 Forums and reportedly shows future production dates. First up, it shows the facelifted Crosstrek will go […]

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