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Jeep And Suzuki Caught Cheating EU’s Emission Rules With Grand Cherokee, Vitara, S-Cross

Jeep and Suzuki have broken EU’s emission rules with their diesel-powered Grand Cherokee, Vitara and S-Cross models, according to a ruling from the Dutch RDW authority. Reuters reports that the two car makers are faced with a potential sales ban across Europe if they don’t proceed with a fix for the offending models. RDW said […]

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Suzuki Announces New 48-Volt Hybrid Powertrain For Swift Sport, Vitara And SX4 S-Cross

Suzuki will introduce a new 48-volt self-charging hybrid powertrain early next year, which will be offered in the Swift Sport, Vitara and SX4 S-Cross models. The Japanese automaker claims that their new hybrid powertrain will offer up to 20 percent lower CO2 emissions, more torque and a 15 percent improved fuel economy in the WLTP […]

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