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Check Out How Fast The Tesla Model Y Performance Does The 0-60 mph And 1/4 Mile

Not long after the first customers started to receive their Tesla Model Ys, the DragTimes YouTube channel has put the top-of-the-range Performance variant through its paces. The owner of the car traded in his four-year-old Tesla Model S P100D for the Model Y Performance. As you’d imagine, the company’s new SUV is not quite as […]

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Review Finds Tesla Model Y Performance, Unsurprisingly, Much Like The Model 3

Mere days after the first Tesla Model Ys started to reach the hands of customers, Throttle House has been fortunate enough to test out the car manufacturer’s latest model. The Model Y featured in this particular review is the range-topping Performance model that has also been equipped with the available Performance Upgrade Package. There’s also […]

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These Are The Most Googled Upcoming Cars Per State In America

Partcatalog has released a new map showing which upcoming vehicles are most anticipated in the United States. Complied using Google Trends data, the map shows the 2021 Ford Bronco is the clear winner as it’s getting the most interest in 19 states. Unsurprisingly, the SUV is popular in the Midwest as well as Ford’s home […]

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