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Ubisoft’s Clever Division 2 Promotion Has Me Playing More Of The First Division

The makers of The Division at Ubisoft are doing some unusual things to tie their first game into its upcoming sequel. So far, I’m into it. The original Division—a third-person, cover-based, sometimes-multiplayer shooter set in a wrecked, wintery New York City—came out back in early 2016 and was heavily patched and expanded consistently until late […]

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Why Ubisoft needs 12,000 game developers

If Vivendi had succeeded in its hostile takeover of Ubisoft, you can bet the French video game publisher wouldn’t still have 14,000 employees, including 12,000 game developers. Tencent came in as a white knight investor and bought out Vivendi’s shares, relieving Ubisoft of the looming threat. Ubisoft is using those developers to work on a […]

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