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Apple Could Offer an Amazon Prime-like Subscription for Its Hardware and Services

Apple could very well offer an Amazon Prime-like subscription where it would bundle hardware upgrades along with a subscription to its other services like iCloud storage, Apple Music, and Apple TV+. When questioned by analyst Toni Sacconagi, Apple’s CEO said that the company already offers something like this in the form of the iPhone Upgrade […]

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Biographer Walter Isaacson Recalls How Steve Jobs Was Critical of Tim Cook

Steve Jobs was not exactly known as a people person, yet he managed to sell his ideas so well to the world. “Steve Jobs” biographer was on Squawk Now this week and detailed his experience interviewing Steve Jobs for the biography. He went on to reveal that Jobs was open in criticizing Tim Cook and […]

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Tim Cook Takes a Swipe at Tech Companies during His Stanford Commencement Speech

Tim Cook underlined the importance of privacy and responsibility of tech companies at his commencement speech at Stanford. Addressing the outgoing Stanford batch of 2019, Tim remarked how certain Silicon Valley companies are abusing their positions of power. During his speech, Tim Cook praised technology and the role it plays in “remarking society.” He asked […]

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