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These Are The Cars, SUVs And Trucks Most Likely To Reach 200,000 Miles

Looking for a vehicle that will go the distance? Look no further as iSeeCars’ latest study found the “most reliable models based on their long-term reliability” with the highest percentage reaching 200,000 (321,869 km) miles. The study looked at over 14.9 million cars sold in 2021 and excluded low-volume models, heavy-duty vehicles, and models that […]

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2023 Toyota Sequoia Debuts As A 437 HP Hybrid, Body-On-Frame Full-Size SUV

Sequoia has been an apt name for Toyota’s full-size SUV as the second-generation model has seemingly been around as long as California’s famous redwood trees. Dating back to 2007, the second-generation Sequoia has been surpassed by newer competitors such as the Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Ford Expedition, and Jeep Wagoneer. However, there’s a new sapling […]

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Check Out These Renders Of The 2023 Toyota Sequoia Based On The Teasers And The Tundra

This article includes speculative illustrations for the upcoming Toyota Sequoia created by Kolesa.ru that are neither related to nor endorsed by Toyota. Toyota is getting ready to unveil the upcoming third-generation Sequoia on Tuesday and in so doing has released a couple of teaser images these past few days. That was enough to encourage the […]

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