VW’s Traton Makes $2.9 Billion Bid To Acquire U.S. Truck Maker Navistar International

Volkswagen Group’s Traton truck and bus unit has made a $2.9 billion bid to acquire all of the remaining shares in U.S. truck maker Navistar International Corporation, formerly International Harvester Company. Traton offered a price of $35 per share, which is a 45 percent premium over Navistar’s closing share price of $24.11 on January 29 […]

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We Spent A Day Driving Trucks And Buses In Sweden, And Learned About VW Group Traton’s Future Plans

Ask any car journalist what they want to do, and they’ll tell you they want to travel the world and drive the finest machines. Trucks and buses aren’t on our daily agenda, but getting behind the wheel of these vehicles that most of us do not pay much attention to out on the road was […]

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Cabless Scania AXL Is Brand’s First Fully Autonomous Truck

Following the NXT Concept that envisions a self-driving urban bus/commercial vehicle, Scania has developed yet another autonomous machine. It’s called the Scania AXL and it’s a concept for a fully autonomous heavy truck, a fact made obvious by the complete lack of a cab. A new intelligent front module replaces the traditional cab, but even […]

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