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Volvo Recalls 736k Cars After Discovering Automatic Braking System Might Not Detect All Objects Or People

Volvo has recalled more than 730,000 vehicles worldwide due to an issue with the company’s autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system. The fault was discovered by Danish motoring body FDM while testing an XC60 late last year. The organization discovered that the emergency braking system of the SUV consistently failed, “meaning that the car did not […]

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All-New BMW 3-Series Flexes In Front Of Main Segment Rivals

If you haven’t seen any reviews recently of the all-new BMW 3-Series, then you probably don’t know just how good of an all-rounder it’s been depicted to be. Of course, if you happen to own one, then you probably know it first hand. Still, the premium sports sedan segment is among the most competitive in […]

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Volvo XC90 Veers Off Its Lane, Crashes Into Ford Mustang Head-On

A scary head-on collision was caught by a dashcam in New Hampshire earlier this year – and, before you jump to any conclusions, no, it wasn’t the ‘Stang’s fault. The clip starts with the cammer following a first-generation Volvo XC90 on a two-lane road. One minute from the start of the video, the SUV veers to […]

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