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VW Shows Near-Production Prototype Of The Axed Second-Gen Phaeton

The now-discontinued VW Phaeton is 20 years old and the company is celebrating the anniversary in style. Two decades after the launch of its flagship sedan, Volkswagen revealed a driveable prototype of the second generation Phaeton which never reached production, although it came pretty close. Back in 2016, VW’s board decided to discontinue the Phaeton […]

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10 Great Engines In Meh Cars

Behind most of the world’s great cars there’s a great engine. Think about machines like the Ferrari 308, Acura Integra Type R, Chevrolet Corvette and BMW M5. But those cars are all about more than just the engine. They’re a complete package of styling, handling and performance. Sometimes, though, the donkey between the shock towers is the standout feature […]

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