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VW ID.4 Commercial Goes After Subaru’s Green Image

Despite offering the BRZ and WRX STI, Subaru owners are stereotyped as granola eating hippies who like the environment and are about as exciting as a macroeconomics class. While that’s up for debate, that brings us to Volkswagen’s latest commercial for the ID.4 called “Better For Your Family.” It’s part of their Before campaign, which […]

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VW Kicks Off U.S. Ad Campaign For The ID.4, Promises It Will Change Your World

Volkswagen is celebrating the U.S. launch of the ID.4 by kicking off an ad campaign which highlights how electric vehicles will change the world in unexpected ways. Known as “Before,” the campaign focuses on real-world scenarios that can be improved by the ID.4 as “before it can change the world, it has to change yours.” The […]

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Watch Tanner Foust Explain Why The 2022 VW Golf R And ID.4 Are Perfect For Winter Driving

Volkswagen recently took the 2022 Golf R hot hatch and 2021 ID.4 electric crossover to the Smithers Winter Test Center in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and gave the keys to Tanner Foust. Now, you may know him for co-hosting Top Gear USA, or for being a three-time Rallycross champ and two-time Formula Drift champ, but he […]

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