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Michigan G.O.P. Starts Limiting Power of Incoming Democratic Leaders

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan Republicans, following the tactics of conservative lawmakers in Wisconsin, moved on Thursday to start limiting the power of the incoming Democratic secretary of state and set the stage for additional curbs on the Democrats who will take over as governor and attorney general in January. The […]

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Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan Was Overlooked. Not Any Longer.

LANSING, Mich. — There is a tendency for people to define Gretchen Whitmer by who she is not. Ms. Whitmer was not one of the surprising, insurgent Democratic nominees for governor this cycle, as her campaign for Michigan’s governorship was flush with money and key endorsements from the outset. She […]

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DeSantis Takes Florida Governor’s Post for Republicans, but Kobach Loses in Kansas

Republicans fended off strong Democratic challenges Tuesday to hold on to the governorships of Florida and Ohio, maintaining their control of two states likely to be critical in the 2020 presidential elections. But Democrats seized governorships in three states now controlled by Republicans: Illinois, Michigan and, in a surprise outcome […]

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