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Nintendo’s profit jumps 88% as it nears 20 million Switch sales

Nintendo released its latest earnings report today and the headline is that the company has now sold nearly 20 million Switch consoles. The actual number is 19.67 million as of the end of June, so add July sales and the 20 million milestone is likely to have already been hit. Either way, it has easily […]

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Speedrunner Beats The Wind Waker HD In Under One Hour

Most players will take days to complete The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, but speedrunners do it much faster. Thanks to a year full of new discoveries and attempts by hard-working runners, The Wind Waker HD has been completed, for the first time ever, in under an hour. The new Any% world record—a speedrun […]

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In Latest WarioWare, Nintendo Swaps Out Virtual Boy For Wii U

9-Volt has gotten with the times and upgraded his paperweight. Screenshot: Nintendo (WarioWare Gold) It’s nice to see that Nintendo has the ability to laugh at itself a little. 9-Volt is a recurring character in the WaroWare series who loves Nintendo and classic games. “Hey! My name is 9-Volt! I’m the grade-schooler gone old school,” […]

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