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Word of Mouth: Drinking + Dining in Detroit

Everyone who visits Detroit wants to tell you about the city’s continued resurgence; perhaps even more so than the residents living through it and making it happen. Much of this fervor comes from the fact that the Motor City houses so many interesting bars and restaurants. And even the more conceptual ones—a macabre speakeasy or […]

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Word of Mouth: Asbury Park

by Caitlin Leonard Lovingly referred to as “the Shore,” New Jersey’s coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches within driving distance of NYC. From Sandy Hook to Cape May, the Shore is lined with many resort towns worthy of exploration, but none are experiencing a renaissance like Asbury Park—a small, quirky town on […]

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Video platform Yeay partners with WOM to monetize peer-to-peer recommendations

Organic reach still trumps paid user acquisition. And organic users bring in more potential new customers through word of mouth. Today, video commerce platform Yeay announced that it will be the first platform to partner with WOM Token — a blockchain-powered word-of-mouth advertising system — to give people a new way to monetize their content. The WOM […]

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