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Apple Issues yet Another Silent Update to Fix Webcam Vulnerability on macOS

Last week security researchers unearthed a vulnerability in Zoom video conferencing app. The vulnerability allowed others to open your webcam without an invite. Initially, Zoom downplayed the issue and later issued a patch alongside an explanation. However, the Zoom webcam vulnerability only seems to have opened a pandora’s box. Apple informed that it has silently […]

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Zoom Issues Emergency Patch to Fix Mac Webcam Security Flaw

A recently unearthed security flaw on Zoom video conferencing app allowed any website to open a video-enabled call on a Mac. This was made possible by a web server that Zoom installs on Macs. Initially, the company defended the security flaw as a “legitimate solution to poor user experience, enabling our users to have seamless, […]

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Security Vulnerability in Video Conferencing App Zoom Allows Websites to Hack Into your Mac’s Camera

A major zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in Zoom, a video conferencing app that is primarily used by businesses. The vulnerability allows any website to access the camera on your Mac without one’s explicit permission while they are on a video call. The issue stems from the fact that Zoom installs and runs a web […]

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