Insurance Company Is Offering Apple Watch 5 for $25, Provided You Exercise Regularly

We have read about several instances of Apple Watch saving people’s lives. Now Life Insurance provider John Hancock is offering a 40mm Apple Watch Series 5 for $25 downpayment. The offer is available for members of its Vitality program.

As part of the offer, the cost of the Apple Watch is divided into 24 monthly payments. You can make the payment by walking, running, biking, swimming or other activities. Insurers are promoting a healthy lifestyle and have tied up with companies like Apple. Interested in other variants, fret not, you can buy any variant of Apple Watch 5 by paying additional fees.

Customers can repay for their Apple Watch by partaking in any of the health-related activities. You will be required to share data to earn Vitality points. Furthermore, the workouts are categorized into Light, Standard and Advanced. To make the cut, you need to earn a minimum of 500 fitness Vitality points every month. If you fail to do so then you need to pay the installment out of your pocket.

How does the John Hancock Vitality Program work?

  • Order your Apple Watch by paying $25 downpayment
  • Walk, run, swim or any other exercise of your choice will earn you points
  • If you manage to earn 500 Vitality Points each month then you get to keep the Apple Watch 5 for free.

Moreover, John Hancock is also offering a rebate on premium depending on the number of Vitality points you can earn. The insurance company has conducted surveys in which it has learned that 84 percent of the people are motivated to exercise because of the free Apple Watch.

This is not the first time, Hancock is offering Apple Watch for free. The company had announced similar offers for Apple Watch 4 and 3. The Vitality program is currently available in the United States and the company will start offering Apple Watch 5 starting this fall.

[via John Hancock]

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