Find Tesla’s Cybertruck Too Dull? How About The Infiniti Quick-x Then?

An increasing number of carmakers have hoped on the pickup truck bandwagon in recent years thanks to exceptionally strong demand for such vehicles not just in North America, where they sell in droves, but other global markets as well.

Most notably, Mercedes-Benz ventured into the pickup world a few years ago with the release of the X-Class and more recently, both Kia and Hyundai have confirmed that they too are working on pickups.

Now, Merc didn’t have the results they expected, but with Tesla and its Cybertruck making headlines all over the world (if not always for the right reasons…), the segment has once again come under scrutiny. The following concept from designer Karol Proba imagines what a pickup from Infiniti would look like if it were ever to come to fruition.

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The study, dubbed Quick-x, morphs the car manufacturer’s current design language into the shape of a pickup that aims to be minimalist while still being stylish and functional. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the truck’s design is the fact that the windshield stretches right to the very front of the pickup, meaning there’s no traditional hood to speak of, leading us to believe that the concept has been envisioned to be powered solely by electricity.

This fact has allowed the designer to push the cabin as far forward as possible, increasing interior space while giving the car very unique proportions. As for the bed, it is both large and stylish and beautifully complemented by thin taillights. Other interesting aspects of the vehicle’s design include solid wheel rims to improve aerodynamics and a lack of traditional wing mirrors.

For what it’s worth, Infiniti has provided no hint whatsoever that it is considering a pickup truck, let alone actually developing one. Nonetheless, the segment does have a lot of potential, and if Tesla can crack it with that thing… then, who knows, anything’s possible.

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