BMW i3 Urban Suite Will Take You Sightseeing In Las Vegas

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that’s not entirely true when it comes to BMW’s latest project, the Urban Suite.

Building upon the i3, the German automaker has converted a whole fleet of them into moving lounges, and will be taking them from Munich to Las Vegas for the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. The carmaker will allow those interested in the electric model to experience it from the passenger seat, and to do so, they will need to order one using a dedicated app.

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The transformation saw the i3s getting an almost complete makeover on the inside, with only the driver’s seat and dashboard being left untouched. Thus, the rear bench is gone and replaced by an individual seat, with a footrest mounted where the front passenger seat is normally found. To the left, the occupant has a small table complete with a lamp, and the design creates a lounge-like experience, or “an inviting space with a high feel-good factor in which to spend time”, according to BMW.

Whenever they don’t feel like looking out the window or spending time on their phone, the passengers can enjoy the special entertainment system, complete with a screen that flips down from the headliner and a personal ‘sound zone’. Elsewhere, the i3 gets a selection of eco-friendly materials, including fabrics and floor mats that contain recycled materials, along with wood and olive-tanned leather.

BMW didn’t say what its future plans are for the i3 Urban Suite, subsequent to the CES presentation, where it will sit under the spotlight from January 7 to 10, but they will probably use it in upcoming events.

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