Spotify Kids Is Now Available for iOS Users in the U.S., Canada, and France

Last year Spotify launched the Spotify Kids app that offered kid-friendly content. Spotify Kids app is available for Spotify Family Subscribers. Now the kid-friendly music streaming app is extended to the U.S., Canada, and France.

Spotify Kids app is still in the beta phase. Meanwhile, the company claims to have added new content, song, and stories to the app. Spotify is known to add new features and categories for its top-tier subscription. The top-tier subscription is already ad-free, the family plan allows up to six members while each one of them can have their own personalized playlist. Other exclusive features include Family Mixes, parental control, and the latest addition, Kids app.

Adding a kids mode on the main app is not that easy. Especially since Spotify has to follow the regulations. Furthermore, it is also challenging for the app to collect data when it comes to kids. However, a standalone app for kids will allow the developers to enforce strict restrictions and also work on the content that is specifically tailored for kids. On the other hand, parents don’t have to fiddle with Parental Control on their Spotify.

New Spotify Kids Features

Spotify claims to have worked from scratch on the kid’s app. Songs with adult lyrics are weeded out by Spotify editors and they also have a set of guidelines that defined what is appropriate for kids and what is not. It seems like Spotify is relying more on human editors as opposed to an algorithm.

Spotify Kids offers playlists like Movies, TV, Stories and also bakes in various activities like “Learn” and “Party.” Thanks to the feedback from parents, Spotify has added lullabies, calming music and bedtime stories to help the kids sleep. Thats not all, Spotify Kids also offers educational content that teaches kids about counting, learning alphabets and much more.

The Spotify Kids is available for no extra charge for Spotify Premium Family Subscribers and can be downloaded from the App Store.

[via Spotify]

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