Quick Thinking And Acting Driver Avoids Participating In Multi Car Pile-Up

If there’s anything worse than actually crashing a car you’re driving, it’s being rear-ended by someone else when you’re minding your own business.

The clip below was filmed in Arizona and starts off by showing a host of cars slowing for a red light when a silver pickup truck slams into the rear of a black Mercedes-Benz ML. The impact of this sends the SUV straight into the rear of a white Toyota Tundra while the silver pickup then hits the rear of a Ford F-350.

The cammer was quick enough to react and accelerate away that they avoided being hit by any of the cars. Fortunately, the driver didn’t have anyone up in front of them and was able to aggressively jump on the accelerator.

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Taking to social media, the quick-thinking motorist claimed that the driver of the pickup truck that triggered the pile-up suffered a diabetic episode while behind the wheel.

The damage sustained to the silver pickup and the Mercedes ML is severe to say the least. The rear of the Mercedes has been smashed to bits while the pickup’s fascia will also need some serious repairs. Meanwhile, the beds of the Toyota Tundra and Ford F-Series also look to have been bent and will require some expensive new parts.

It remains unclear if anyone was directly injured in the crash. Here’s hoping the diabetic driver was fine.

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