The Predator Approves Of This Russian Tuner’s Lexus RX And NX Wild Body Kits,

If you own a Lexus RX or a Lexus NX and want to make it even more eye-catching than it already is, we might just have the answer.

We stumbled across these body kits on eBay (here and here). Both are located in Russia and appear to come from local tuning company SCL Global Concept. The kit for the RX is dubbed the ‘Goemon’ while the one for the NX is known as the ‘Kotaro.’

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Both body kits include custom front grilles that resemble the teeth of the creature from Predator. Taste is, of course, subjective, but we think you’ll agree this manages to makes Lexus’ controversial spindle grille look tame by comparison.

It’s not just the grille that’s questionable. Body kits for both the RX and NX include aggressive front splitters as well as front and rear wheel arch extensions. They also feature overhauled rear fascias with large rooftop spoilers, an additional lip spoiler, and aggressive diffusers.

SCL Global Concept says all of its body kits “meet the OEM standards” and that “precise fitting” is guaranteed. While that may very well be the case, the body kits do not come cheap. As a matter of fact, the ‘Goemon’ kit for the Lexus RX is priced at $9,800 and that’s before you factor in the $2,150 shipping fee from Russia. As for the NX’s ‘Kotaro’ kit, it is priced at $6,825 and costs $1,950 to ship.

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