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One of my life’s ambitions is to avoid carrying keys in my pockets; that’s why there’s an August smart lock on my front door. But some keys are unavoidable, which is why I also carry a KeySmart, which elegantly organizes my keys and never digs a hole in my pocket. Recently, though, I became aware of a massive void in my life: KeySmart offers not just one, but two different Star Trek-themed key organizers. In addition to a really nice Trek-inspired design, it has a Tile Bluetooth tracker built in. Ordinarily $60, I’ve arranged for an exclusive 25% discount for Trek-loving Cheapskate readers. Right now you can get a Star Trek KeySmart Pro for $45 when you apply discount code StarTrek25 at checkout.

Actually, the code gets you 25% off anything on the page, which includes either of the Star Trek KeySmart Pros, KeySmart Pro bundles and add-ons like nano-scissors, USB memory keys, a quick disconnect for your key fob and more.

The KeySmart Pro is the key organizer I didn’t realize I needed until I started using it. I only carry four keys, but the KeySmart Pro can accommodate up to 14, which is handy if your existing keyring looks like the sort of thing a building superintendent needs to carry around. I’ve been using my KeySmart Pro for a few weeks, and I love the way the keys stay rotated inward, so they don’t snag your clothing or grind into your leg when you sit. It includes a decidedly low-tech bottle opener but also features an LED light and the guts of a Tile tracker. Yes, you’ll need to charge it occasionally, but in return, it appears in the standard Tile app on your phone. If you’re already a Tile user, you know the convenience and peace of mind that comes from quickly locating where you last left something that has a Tile tracker attached to it. If you’re new to Tile, I suspect there’s no better place to start than with your car keys. Open the app, and if the keys are in range, they’ll play a tune. If not, you can see their last location on the map.

Let me be honest, though: I never would have tried out KeySmart if it weren’t for the allure of Star Trek. You can choose between a Star Trek: The Next Generation model or a Star Trek: The Original Series design, and while I am a TOS diehard, I thought the TNG version was cooler looking, and that’s the one I carry around. It has a snazzy red-and-black design that is subtle enough you might not even realize it’s Trek-themed. But if you look closely you’ll see the Starfleet logo (which definitely inspired the Space Force shield), the NCC-1701-D in profile and even a portrait of Jean Luc Picard.

Can you get less-expensive keyrings? Absolutely. You can even get KeySmart models for a fraction of the price. But if you’re a Star Trek fan and like the idea of Tile tracking for your keys, this may well be $45 very well spent. You can take advantage of this deal now through Sunday, June 7. 

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