Ares Design Teams With Crystal Maker For New Limited-Edition Model

Italian coachbuilder Ares Design has teamed with French crystal maker Lalique to release a limited-edition vehicle that will be unveiled later this year.

The vehicle forms part of Ares Design’s ‘Legends Reborn’ programme that aims to breathe new life into iconic cars from the past with modern technologies and distinctive designs. It is unclear exactly what car will be ‘reborn’ in this instance but we can see it will be a sleek two-door, two-seater with a retro design.

More specifically, the provided teaser image shows the car has a simple yet flowing silhouette as well as a long hood, inevitably packing a pretty powerful engine. The car also looks to sport a black fabric soft top as well as chrome wing mirrors and door handles. It also resembles the ‘Project Wami‘ that Ares previewed a couple of years ago.

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In a press release announcing the vehicle, Ares Design says it will be responsible for the design and production of the vehicle while Lalique will create a number of special crystal embellishments for it. These handmade jewels will be produced at Lalique’s factory in Alsace, France.

“Lalique is renowned for producing some of the best crystal works of art the world over and it is a privilege for ARES Design to work alongside them on this project,” Ares Design’s executive chairman and co-founder Waleed Al Ghafari said in a statement. “The plans for the car look stunning, and we do not doubt that, via the designers, engineers and artisan’s collaborative process, we will bring our mutual vision to life in a beautifully adorned masterpiece; a work of art unlike anything we have produced before; the epitome of bejeweled excellence.”

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