Leak: iPhone 12 Braided Lightning Cable Shown Off in Photos

iPhone 12 braided lightning cable

A recent leak had claimed that Apple would be shipping a braided Lightning cable with its iPhone 12 lineup later this year. Today, leaker @L0vetodream has posted some alleged photos of the braided lighting cable that Apple could bundle with its upcoming iPhone lineup.

Apple currently bundles rubber-coated non-fabric Lightning cables with its iPhones and iPads which tend to fray over time from their endpoints. No wonder then that third-party braided Lightning cables are among the most popular iPhone accessories out there. While the leaker has posted photos of braided Lightning cables in both black and white, the former is presumably meant to be shipped with the iMac Pro.

The pictured Lightning cables feature a USB-C connector at the other end so it is possible that Apple could end up shipping a USB-C-to-Lightning connector with its entire iPhone 12 lineup this year. Last year, the company bundled the USB-C to Lightning cable with only the iPhone 11 Pro models.

Apple is expected not to bundle a power adapter with the iPhone 12 lineup later this year for both costs and environmental reasons. Thus, it looks like the company is then trying to make it up to customers by instead bundling a more durable Lightning cable with its upcoming iPhones.

Our Take

It will be interesting to see if Apple ends up bundling a braided USB-C to Lightning cable with its iPhone 12 lineup. This is because USB-C chargers are hard to find compared to USB-A power adapters so the argument that iPhone customers have access to plenty of wall adapters falls short.

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