Geneva Motor Show Could Return In 2021 As Media-Only Event

Back in June, the organizers of the Geneva Motor Show cancelled the 2021 event as a survey showed most exhibitors “would probably not participate” and instead preferred the show return in 2022.

On top of that, they announced their intention to sell the rights to the show as the last minute cancellation of this year’s Geneva Motor Show cost them approximately 11 million Swiss francs ($12.1 / £9.3 / €10.1 million). The Canton of Geneva offered to provide a loan to cover that and then some, but it came with conditions the organizers couldn’t live with.

While it was hoped the rights to the show would be bought by the Palexpo exhibition center where it is held, organizers wanted 15 million Swiss francs ($16.5 / £12.7 / €13.9). That was described as a “huge” sum and it appeared Palexpo wasn’t interested.

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Fast forward to today and the Geneva Motor Show might live on. According to documents seen by Automotive News Europe, “automakers are being offered an all-inclusive package that covers the cost of their stands and accommodations for guests” at a 2021 event.

However, it would be a shell of past Geneva Motor Shows as it would only span three days and be limited to members of the media. No automakers have confirmed their involvement yet and authorities would have to sign off on the event.

The show would reportedly be hosted by Palexpo and combine physical as well as digital elements. The entry-level package reportedly costs 150,000 francs ($164,825 / £127,512 / €139,042) and would enable automakers to display one car and invite up to 10 members of the media. The range-topping package, on the other hand, would cost 750,000 francs ($824,201 / £637,368 / €695,129) and allow for four vehicles as well as 100 guests.

It remains to be seen if any automakers will sign up for the 2021 event, but it’s possible they could just opt for their own standalone event or go the digital route like recent reveals for the Mercedes S-Class, Maserati MC20 and Nissan Z Proto.

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