This Heavily Armored Mercedes-Benz V-Class Will Protect You From Grenades

Inkas has launched an armored version of yet another vehicle, the facelifted Mercedes-Benz V-Class, which is now available in North America.

Mercedes‘ people carrier now offers CEN BR6 level ballistic protection and can withstand the explosion of two hand grenades detonated simultaneously under the floor. The doors, floor and roof have been reinforced, and bulletproof glass has replaced the standard windows.

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Besides that, the V-Class has also received other modifications, such as reinforced sliding door mechanisms and structure to support the extra weight, which keeps the automatic mechanism operable. The suspension and brakes have been upgraded too in order to cope with the extra weight, and the run-flat tires ensure a safe getaway, while the modified Merc also features a P/A system and strobe lights.

Despite being able to keep its (up to eight) occupants safe, the Inkas V-Class retains the looks of the stock model. It is also still fitted with all the luxury amenities expected from such a ride, including the comfortable seats with reclining, massage, heating and ventilation, and the high-end trim. The 7-inch infotainment system is still on deck, alongside a generous host of safety gear. Moreover, the interior can be further customized to suit the owner’s preferences, but to find out what else you can add to it, and how much it will cost you, you will have to contact the Canadian company, as their offerings are very versatile.

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