How On Earth Did This Mercedes GLA End Up Into The Pitlane At Interlagos?



In late October, we wrote about a woman who mistakenly drove her Mini Cooper onto the Interlagos circuit in Brazil during a race. It would appear that someone else has made the same mistake.

This clip was recently shared on Reddit, but very few details about the incident are known, such as when and how it happened.

Filmed from the camera of a car racing at the circuit, the driver is approaching the end of the pitlane when they come across a silver Mercedes-Benz GLA near the end of the pitlane attempting to do a three-point turn and drive up in the opposite direction.

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The racer has to hit the brakes to avoid hitting the German SUV. Moments later, another racer appears on the scene and clamps down on the brakes to also avoid hitting the Mercedes. At this time, the driver of the GLA comes to the realization that driving up the pitlane isn’t an option and turns around once again, this time heading straight out onto the track.

Its driver eventually comes to a stop at the exit of a pitlane, a very dangerous place to come to a rest. It’s unclear what happened after.

Just how did the Mercedes end up on the track like this? It’s hard to say for sure, but some Redditors have scoured Google Maps and discovered that there are a couple of gates on the outer edge of the circuit that provide direct access to the track. Had one of these gates been open, the GLA could have simply driven in.

Lost driver blocks pit lane exit during race at Interlagos, Brazil. from r/IdiotsInCars

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