Gymkhana Returns With High-Flying Jumps, Drifting And Donuts

Gymkhana is back as Subaru and Hoonigan have teamed up to release Gymkhana 2020.

Starring Travis Pastrana and an 862 hp (643 kW / 874 PS) WRX STI, the video was filmed in Annapolis, Maryland and features plenty of action-packed stunts.

While the clip starts off slow, the action begins at the one minute mark as Pastrana speeds through Annapolis and jumps over a Hoonigan speedboat. He then drifts around a parking lot, while ‘punting’ footballs held by inflatable crabs.

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Pastrana races off and performs a series of donuts with another person in a 2022 BRZ. He then drifts around a shipyard and hangs a wheel over the edge of a pier.

From there, Pastrana heads to the airport for some stunts with a single engine plane. The clip ends shortly thereafter as he races home at speeds in excess of 150 mph (241 km).

The video features some impressive action and Pastrana said “Making my first Gymkhana video has been an incredible experience! I’m so thrilled to finally have the chance to do it, especially in my hometown, so I could bring these ideas I’ve had for years to life.”

As for the car, it’s a one-off model purpose-built by Subaru Motorsports USA and Vermont SportsCar. It features a carbon fiber body and a stripped out interior, which enables the model to weigh just 2,623 lbs (1,190 kg). That’s 800+ lbs (363+ kg) less than the stock WRX STI and it enables the model to have a power-to-weight ratio of 3.0 lbs / hp.

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