Qualcomm President Lauds Apple M1 Chip, Says a ‘Very Good Sign’ for Future of Computing

In the latest interview with The Verge, Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon praised Apple for its M1 chip. According to Amon, the success of Apple M1 “validates” Qualcomm’s theory that “mobile user is defining what they expect out of the PC experience.”

Qualcomm and Apple have a bitter history, involving many legal battles. Apple, earlier, relied on Intel for providing modems for its iPhone, until they switched to Qualcomm this year. With Intel ultimately exiting the 5G business, Apple entered into a multi-billion dollars settlement with Qualcomm. Apple is now expected to be developing its own cellular modems for future iPhones and iPads.

But, in the latest interview with The Verge, Qualcomm applauded Apple’s efforts for bringing ARM chips to computing devices. Amon said that they’re “super happy with that announcement” because it validated their beliefs (that ARM is the future of computing).

According to him, the addition of Apple of the ARM ecosystem will help in moving the industry forward. Citing an example of the same, he said:

I believe it was probably this week, if not the week before that Adobe announced a bunch of applications, that are all ARM native. And once you make it ARM native, performance increases as you have now app compatibility.

However bad Microsoft and Qualcomm’s implementation of Windows ARM might have been, he emphasised that “Microsoft and Qualcomm were in the right trajectory.”

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