Mansory Is Now Tuning Lawnmowers – Meet The Air Jordan Sneakers-Inspired X BSTN GT XI

Mansory is known for its wild takes on some of the most expensive cars in the world, but their portfolio also includes other products, such as sunglasses, caps, bracelets and money clips.

As of recently, the Mansory catalogue has grown to include a lawnmower too. That’s right, the tuning company has now put its name on a lawnmower, yet this is no ordinary lawnmower as it was inspired by one of the most famous sneaker models out there: the Air Jordan XI.

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Created in partnership with BSTN, a premium sportswear maker from Germany, the grass-cutting vehicle is called the Mansory X BSTN GT XI and features hand-crafted carbon fiber body panels, a metal bar up front, two headlamps on each side of the four-slat grille and an air scoop right above. The tires wear the ‘BSTN’ branding and the famous ‘Air Jordan’ logo is depicted further back.

The design is completed by a rear wing and a piece that looks like an apron. It also has a custom-tailored racing seat, with stitching and carbon fiber, that sports ‘Mansory’ and ‘BSTN’ embossing in the integrated headrest and the ‘Air Jordan’ logo in the seatback.

As this is a one-off creation, probably commissioned by one of their clients, the lawnmower is not for sale on Mansory’s official website. Still, if, for some reason, someone desires a bespoke lawnmower, then they should reach out to the tuner because it is very likely that they will answer the call.

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