Quick-Thinking Driver In Russia Avoids Being Hit By Sliding BMW X6

Driving on snow and ice-covered roads isn’t easy and this dashcam video shows just how quickly things can go pear-shaped.

The clip was filmed in Russia earlier this month and starts by showing the cammer driving up a steep section of road when suddenly, a black BMW X6 comes into view at the top of the hill traveling in the opposite direction.

As the cammer drives towards the BMW, it quickly becomes clear the driver of the X6 has completely lost control of the German SUV. While attempting to roll down the hill, they lost the rear end and the SUV started sliding sideways down the hill.

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Eager to avoid being collected by the out-of-control BMW, the cammer quickly put his vehicle into reverse and managed to avoid being hit. It’s unclear what vehicle the cammer was driving, but, apart from quick-thinking, they were probably more accustomed to driving in such conditions.

If you are driving on icy roads or roads covered in snow, it’s important to take your time and go slowly, even if you’re vehicle has all-wheel drive and snow chains on the tires. The second video below highlights how especially hazardous it is to drive down hills covered in snow and shows various vehicles locking up and sliding out of control at an intersection Big Bear, California.

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