What’s In The Box? Find Out What Comes In Bugatti Buyer’s Aluminum Treasure Chest

Bugatti knows how to treat its customers right and when you get a Chiron, in this case, specifically, a Pur Sport, you also get an aluminum box full of little extras. Doug Demuro has gotten his hands on one such box and shows you exactly what’s inside.

And, well, it’s not as much as you might think. At least not based on the size of this chest. Crack open the top and a file folder with some documents inside greets you. Under that, though, there’s an inviting, even smaller chest made of carbon fiber and leather.

The stitching on the leather is designed to match the exterior of the car you bought and inside you’ll find your key and a USB stick. Deeper inside the small carbon case, you’ll find an owner’s manual. So far, so practical (if a bit extra).

Continuing down the path of practicality, inside the bigger, aluminum chest, you’ll find a front license plate bracket and some screws. Again, kind of dully sensible, but it is nice that they don’t just throw it in the frunk, I guess.

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Finally, in the lowest layer of the box, you find a fitted car cover and a battery tender. It’s kind of disappointing to think that even a $3 million car has to come up with ways of dealing with humdrum topics like a front license plate, but it is nice that Bugatti thinks of these things for you (or, more likely, your staff).

As for how the Chiron drives, that can actually be humdrum, too. But, like the box, that’s probably a good thing.

Although it has the capacity to be one of the craziest cars on earth, it’s also overengineered enough to be comfortable and luxurious when you’re just tooting along down Rodeo Drive or wherever it is people with Bugattis drive. It’s a car that takes care of the little stuff and there’s something to be said for that.

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