Check Out This Bugatti Chiron Replica Made From Scrap Metal In Thailand

In Thailand, there are two Chirons that are very interesting indeed, even though they’re not actually real Bugattis.

The two ‘Chirons’ in question come courtesy of Scrap Metal Art Thailand that’s located about two hours east of Bangkok. The facility houses a collection of extraordinary art pieces made from scrap metal, including life-size transformers that stand upwards of 30-feet tall. CB Media recently had the opportunity to check out the facility and was blown away by what they found.

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Upon first entering the site, the YouTuber was presented with a replica of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL manufactured entirely by hand and exclusively using scrap metal. He then gets a tour of the workshop where these creations come to life and found lots of different things, such as a Ferrari 250 GTO replica made from scrap metal as well. Then he comes to the pièce de résistance of the facility, the two Bugatti Chirons.

One of the two Chirons built at the site was actually purchased by an individual in Sweden and will soon be shipped there from Thailand. The attention to detail if impressive and those that built the vehicle even went to the trouble of creating a replica engine from scrap metal.

The YouTuber says that it will set back someone roughly $30,000 to purchase a Bugatti Chiron replica from Scrap Metal Art Thailand. While that may sound like a lot of money, we think it’s not that unreasonable when you consider the time and effort that went into creating them.

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