Bugatti Launches New Global Service Program For The Veyron And Chiron

Bugatti is targeting owners of the Veyron and Chiron with a new global service program named the Passeport Tranquillité (French for ‘tranquility passport’).

Designed to cover the hypercar after the end of the standard factory warranty, it is assigned to the vehicle rather than the owner, and in order to be eligible for it, the Bugattis must pass an 85-point inspection at an official partner.

“We are tailoring the program with the flexibility of plans and additional valued components, such as roadside recovery, providing the customer with the certainty of service and maintenance, and in doing so providing the utmost peace of mind and tranquillité”, said Bugatti’s manager of global aftersales, Trevor Hodgson-Phillips.

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The Passeport Tranquillité Veyron can be split in a 2- or 4-year plan, according to the owner’s needs. Both options include one service per year performed by official Bugatti technicians, which covers “the requirement for the Veyron to undergo a biennial service, estimated at around 14 hours, and a service taking around 32 hours to complete in alternating years”, the automaker said.

As most Veyrons are currently kept in storage, the owner can choose the ‘Collector’ plan, which is aimed at examples that do not exceed 200 km (124 miles) per year. On the other hand, those who’d rather enjoy them on the open road or at the track can get the ‘Active’ plan instead.

The previous Veyron Loyalty Maintenance Program is no longer available, but Bugatti will honor existing contracts until the end.

Available for 4 years only, the Passeport Tranquillité Chiron program also includes an annual service that also takes into account “the requirement for an annual ‘Low’ service, taking up to 14 hours of workshop time, then a ‘Major’ service every four years, completed in around 72 hours”.

Those owning more than one Bugatti can tailor the package to meet their needs.

The new service program has already launched in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and will go official in North America this summer.

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