The Audi E-Tron GT Looks Even More Striking As A Shooting Brake

Fresh off the global unveiling of the Audi E-Tron GT, the electric vehicle has been rendered as a Shooting Brake and it looks even more impressive.

Underpinning the E-Tron GT is the same J1 Performance Platform as the Porsche Taycan, meaning it shares many of its technologies with Weissach’s EV. This includes the 800V electrical architecture and the dual electric motor, two-speed transmission layout. To our eyes, however, the Audi looks better than the Porsche.

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The front is characterized by sleek headlights, a faux grille, and large air intakes while the rear is dominated by LED taillights, a lightbar, and a sharp diffuser. Eager to give Audi’s EV a unique look, Rain Prisk has rendered it as a Shooting Brake.

In creating this variant of the E-Tron GT, the designer removed the two rear doors and elongated the front doors. The roofline has been extended and tapers down to a prominent spoiler sitting above the rear window., while a set of unique wheels and a luggage rack complete the striking good looks.

Will a two-door Shooting Brake version of the E-Tron GT ever hit the market? The short answer is no. However, a few days ago Porsche unveiled the Cross Turismo variant of the Taycan and we presume that, should Audi wish, it too could conceivably make a four-door wagon/shooting brake derivative of the E-Tron GT.

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