Dump Truck Pushes T-Boned Mini Half-Mile Up Toronto Highway

A Toronto, Canada dump truck driver is facing charges after pushing a Mini nearly 800 meters (0.49 miles) up an onramp and onto a major highway.

The incident took place around 10:00 am on Tuesday, March 23, according to the police. Constable Scott Matthews wrote in a tweet that the Mini’s driver was lucky to be alive.

Toronto Police Traffic Services Sergeant Murray Campbell said the dump truck only stopped when it was flagged down by passing motorists, CBC reports.

The incident took place near Jarvis street on the Gardiner Expressway, not far from the Hockey Hall of Fame. The footage was first uploaded on TikTok.

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The driver of the Mini suffered only minor injuries. She was assessed by paramedics at the scene but not taken to the hospital.

In a post on Instagram, Courtney Erhardt, a Toronto area nurse who was apparently behind the wheel, said goodbye to her Mini Cooper S, which she had named Ruby.

“It was a good run even till our last day together when you SAVED MY LIFE,” Erhardt wrote. “Thank goodness for her small but mighty exterior because I left the accident without major injuries which is a miracle!”

According to Sgt Murray, the driver of the dump truck faces several driving and commercial motor vehicle offenses, though specific charges have not yet been disclosed.

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