FCA US Sold Almost 198,000 Jeeps In Q1 – And Two Dodge Vipers

FCA has released its Q1 2021 sales chart for the United States, revealing that they parted ways with two Dodge Vipers, a model whose production officially ended in 2017.

It’s unknown how many of them still reside in dealer lots nationwide, but Dodge also shifted four of them last year and five in 2019. Mind you, they’re not the only zombie cars sold by the automaker in the first quarter of the year: Americans also bought one Dodge Dart, one Chrysler 200 and four Fiat 500s.

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The least favorite vehicles in the first three months of the year were the Alfa Romeo 4C, Fiat 500L and 500X, with 24, 69 and 265 units respectively. At the opposite end, the Ram pickups managed to attract the most customers, 148,836 to be more precise, followed by 55,198 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 49,646 Wranglers.

In total, they sold 469,651 vehicles in Q1 2021, a 5 percent increase over the same period of 2020. Jeep was the most popular brand, with 197,545 sales, followed by Ram and Dodge, with 162,920 and 63,988 sales respectively. Chrysler contributed with 39,737 cars, whereas Alfa Romeo and Fiat sold 4,646 and 815 vehicles respectively.

“In spite of what started out as a strong start last year, before Covid shocked us all, this quarter was a very strong rebound for retail sales year over year”, said Jeff Kommor, chief of sales. “The consumer demand for our brands and our products was extremely strong throughout the quarter.”

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